Unique handmade dreamcatchers

Passionate with the Bohemian Chic spirit and the serenity it reveals, with smoothness, and natural products, I have been creating dream catchers – inspired by American Indian traditions for a couple of years. 

Recently dreamcatchers have become a must have in decorative items and especially in children bedrooms. Mostly due to their strong meaning. I love to bring every attention to details which mean so much to me. 

Thoroughly enjoying creating out of different textures and mixing different materials, I create unique models out of natural elements such as lace, ribbons and pearls. I always add a more personal detail such as origami butterflies, feathers or leather items, and also make small charms and bids.  

I enjoy working with  driftwood that I discovered during a seaside walk, … I love its smoothness, and knotty and tortuous nature which I find superbe! Working with such material enables me to explore another part of my creative spirit. 

My dreamcatchers are unique items, crafted according to my creative mood of the day. 

In 2014, I created my own brand name, Marcel Meduse (literally in French : Marcel Jellyfish) – a sweet name inspired by my little boy – to develop and create my own business and offer my creations to a wider public. Today, I have chosen to make a leaving out of my passion and to put all my energy into it. My workshop is located at home and I take great pride in making  each and every item with the same passion and love for a job well done…

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